Lost but not Forgotten

Today I was looking around and discovered some toy cars that I had not seen in years. Naturally, the first thing I did was snap a couple shots with a few of them (mostly the ones in really bad disrepair) in order to share with you all. This was, for me, more interesting than flowers.

Firetruck Racejunk Redferrari Wreckheap Redjunk Forwardcar FlameJump Yellowtruck Luckycharms Silvercar

Experiments Pt. 2: Flowers

I was doing some more experiments with the camera on my phone; barring one colorful pseudo-selfie that I will not be sharing with you all, this round was mostly flowers (so in other words, boring to me, and most likely to some of you).






I messed with the saturation of this photo a little bit. If you look at the larger version, you’ll notice that I even caught some ants in the picture (totally by accident).









In contrast, I de-saturated (is that even a real term?) this one, with a vignette.









I don’t really remember what I did with this one. I know I did something, though… oh well. There’s someone out there who knows what I’ve done here. Or not.









Nothing on this one except for a nice frame. Well, I wouldn’t call it nice; just simple and black. I guess it looks nice, a little bit.










These last two are from very similar angles. I was just playing with the perspective a little bit. I’ve always liked pictures like these, where each one gives you a different window into the scene. Whether either of these are any good is another question entirely (and I do wish they were from the exact same spot), but at least I have something to improve upon.

That’s it for now. I’m totally done taking pictures of flowers for the time being. Maybe I’ll go for the juxtaposition and take a couple photos of garbage next.





Goomba Jump1Cat 02 Going Mobile Water Ball






















I’ve been doing some little experiments with the camera on my phone the past day and figured that I would share some of them with you all.


02 Going Mobile

Going Mobile

Last weekend, as part of my training for the summer, I attended the Orientation Weekend for Staff at Glen Mhor. While we were there, we were shown a video that urged us to “disconnect”, and not allow technology such as smartphones, tablets and other devices control our lives.

Today I finally bought a phone, after over a year of being without one. The irony of the situation is not lost on me.

Both the plan and the phone were, thankfully, in my price range (I got the Samsun Galaxy s4, although that’s not really important). In the past, I have consistently proven myself to be awful at keeping contact with those whom I do not encounter in real life, to the point where it might often seem like I don’t exist outside of places like camp or school.

Part of the decision to get a new phone was promising myself that I would try to fight this. I will do my best to maintain contact, although I am doubtful of the success I will have. I’m an introvert; it isn’t exactly in my nature to keep up continuous conversation, and that is, in a manner of speaking, what texting represents.

To those of you who are contacts of mine, I apologize in advance for the many times that I shall probably forget all about our conversations.

With the s4, I also have a camera with me at all times – not a very spectacular one, but a camera nonetheless. As someone who has wanted to dabble a bit in photography, this is a welcome starting point. Hopefully I can get a proper camera soon. But for now, this camera will do.

I have already accidentally added all of my Facebook friends as contacts – I have since corrected that error, but I am sure that I’ll be making more.

So if you’ll excuse me, mistakes await.

02 Going Mobile






Oh yeah, I like taking pictures… and listening to music is going to be nice too.