I was doing some more experiments with the camera on my phone; barring one colorful pseudo-selfie that I will not be sharing with you all, this round was mostly flowers (so in other words, boring to me, and most likely to some of you).






I messed with the saturation of this photo a little bit. If you look at the larger version, you’ll notice that I even caught some ants in the picture (totally by accident).









In contrast, I de-saturated (is that even a real term?) this one, with a vignette.









I don’t really remember what I did with this one. I know I did something, though… oh well. There’s someone out there who knows what I’ve done here. Or not.









Nothing on this one except for a nice frame. Well, I wouldn’t call it nice; just simple and black. I guess it looks nice, a little bit.










These last two are from very similar angles. I was just playing with the perspective a little bit. I’ve always liked pictures like these, where each one gives you a different window into the scene. Whether either of these are any good is another question entirely (and I do wish they were from the exact same spot), but at least I have something to improve upon.

That’s it for now. I’m totally done taking pictures of flowers for the time being. Maybe I’ll go for the juxtaposition and take a couple photos of garbage next.




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